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To Eat or Not to Eat?

The TessaGrows Edible Flower Card Pack identifies 38 of the most common flowers that are safe and sometimes delicious to eat. The pack comes with a handy key to help you know what kind of flavors to expect.


How to Prepare Flowers for Eating

Dip the entire flower in a bowl of water, remove, shake and dry between two cloths or paper towel. Pick off the petals from the base and throw the rest of the flower away. Pop a few petals in your mouth and chew! At first, it may seem as though the petal has no taste. Chew some more and the flavor will be revealed. Nutrient and mineral packed edible flowers are best when picked fresh before the sun bakes the petals. If you need to store them in the fridge, seal the whole flowers in container for a day or two until you use them. Never eat faded dusty old or partially eaten flowers, especially from the side of the road. And of course, never eat anything unless you are absolutely sure you have identified it correctly.

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