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TessaGrows… Seed Templates


Seed templates solve the problem of how to space and conserve seeds by offering diverse seeds, chosen for small container gardening, optimally spaced apart so each seed has its place in the soil. Using the templates also saves on the need to purchase multiple seed packs. Substitute seeds are included in the event the template fails, or to add when the plants have been eaten or are over their season.

 Did you know?

  • A garden without pests will not attract beneficials

  • When an insect eats a decaying leaf, it transforms the energy from the sun, which is still in the leaf into its body and that’s how they get around

  • A vegetable is any part of a plant that you eat

  • The part of a plant that grows out of a flower is a fruit

  • Beneficials can become pests if your garden is out of balance

  • A garden in balance will produce enough food for humans and insects and hopefully the odd critter or two.

  • Hand picking is the best way to remove pests

  • Insect stings can be painful but are usually not harmful (If the sting doesn’t heal quickly, see a doctor)

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