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Vegetable & Flower DIY Growbag Kit

Why TessaGrows Growbags?


TessaGrows Vegetable and Flower Growbag Gardens grab your attention and care without being overwhelming. Beginner gardeners are able to manage the process by themselves, with minimal parental guidance. Growbags are portable and can be positioned for maximum sunlight. They are also not permanent and can be moved or dismantled very easily to be used in the future. In addition, good quality potting soil can be expensive, and a small fabric bag requires little potting soil. Most plants can grow in a 12” deep, 12” in diameter, 5-gallon fabric growbag.

How to Use Your DIY Growbag Kit

Seed templates solve the problem of how to space and conserve seeds by offering diverse seeds, chosen for small container gardening, optimally spaced apart so each seed has its place in the soil. Using the templates also saves on the need to purchase multiple seed packs. Substitute seeds are included in the event the template fails, or to add when the plants have been eaten or are over their season.

TessaGrows Vegetable and Flower Seed Templates

Know Your Growbag