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Grow 4 Kids

TessaGrows Events offer a fun hands-on 2-hour experience tailored for birthday parties and other celebrations where each participant will engage in a range of garden-related activities and leave with a growbag, planted seeds and the basic knowledge of how to care for them. 

$800 for 10 kids. $50 per additional child. All materials included.

Good for ages 5 to .

Herb Garden Party

TessaGrows Events offers a 2-hour in-depth herb gardening experience. Budding gardeners will learn about herbs and how to grow them. Each participant will plant a 7-gallon herb fabric growbag to take home. They’ll also discover practical tidbits they can apply to any garden and ideas about how to create environments that plants will thrive in.

$1,000 for 10 guests. $50 per additional person. All materials included.

Good for ages 5 to .


Contact TessaGrows to request a booking or for more info.

TessaGrows Classes

Based in Los Angeles, TessaGrows offers one-on-one weekly or bi-monthly classes with families and children. We'll come to your location to evaluate and establish instant edible gardens in existing or new beds or in fabric growbags. We'll sow seeds, plant seedlings, tend, harvest, feast and compost. We'll observe the cycles and systems of nature revealed in your own back yard, and work toward becoming custodians of

our environment.  

The GillyBean Growth Experience

Party Time

Family Garden #1