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Pests and Beneficials in a Vegetable Garden


Organic gardens attract PESTS and BENEFICIALS. Pests get their name because they eat leaves and roots needed for growing vegetables. BENEFICIALS get theirs because they eat those PESTS and pollinate flowers, which produce fruit.


Both PESTS and BENEFICIALS are equally important and you should keep in mind that these cards refer to insects in a vegetable garden. For example in a compost pile, PESTS can become BENEFICIALS, as they break down leaves and rotting fruit to create healthy soil. And, all insects are part of the food chain and play a role. Without them, we would go hungry.

​TessaGrows Insect Identification Cards are a great way to learn about insects in your vegetable garden. Look for the letters P or B on the back of each card to see if the insect is a PEST (P) or BENEFICIAL (B).

To Eat or Not to Eat?

The TessaGrows Edible Flower Card Pack identifies 38 of the most common flowers that are safe and sometimes delicious to eat. The pack comes with a handy key to help you know what kind of flavors to expect.

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