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Bush Bean, Chard, Nasturtium, Yellow Cosmos
TessaGrows seed template with bush bean, nasturtium, yellow cosmos and chard

Bush Bean

Planting season: Spring through early summer

Germination time: 7-10 days

Days to harvest: 48-54 

Height: 16-20 inches

Sun/shade: Sun

Tips: Pick beans regularly to keep the plant producing more. (If pods get fat with seed, the plant will stop flowering). The smaller the bean, the more tender they are.

Flower Fun: “Knock Knock!" “Who's there?” “Bean.” “Bean who?” “Bean awhile since I last saw ya!”



Planting Season: Spring to early summer, fall

Germination Time: 7-10 days

Days to Harvest: 40-60 

Height: 12-28 inches

Sun/shade: Full sun

Tips: Chard is a nutritional powerhouse vegetable packed with vitamins, nutrients and health benefits.

Flower Fun: Chard leaves are great in smoothies as they have a mild flavour.

Nasturtium (dwarf)

Planting Season: Spring to early summer

Germination Time: 9-12 days

Days to Harvest: 35-52 

Sprawl: 1-2 feet

Sun/shade: Sun or partial shade

Tips: Nasturtiums are fairly easy to care for, however it is important to keep them watered during dry periods. 

Flower Fun: The flowers can be used in salads as a colorful, tasty addition. The berries can be made into capers.


Yellow Cosmos

Planting Season: Spring to early summer, 1-2 weeks after the last frost 

Germination Time: 5-10 days

Days to Harvest: ~ 49 

Height: 36 inches 

Sun/shade: Full sun

Tips: To keep the plant flowering, deadhead (remove the dead/faded flowers). 

Flower Fun: The open flowers provide easy access to nectar and pollen, attracting bees, butterflies and other beneficials that help with pollination and pest management.

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