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Cilantro, Geranium, Mint, Radish
TessaGrows seed template with cilantro, geranium, mint, radish



Planting Season: Fall is ideal 

Germination Time: 7-10 days

Days to harvest: 3-4 weeks

Height: 1-3 feet

Sun/Shade: Full sun to partial shade



Planting Season: Spring (Directly after the frost has passed)

Germination Time: 7-10 days

Days to harvest: 98-105 days

Height: 18-24 inches

Sun/Shade: Sun and partial shade



Planting Season: Late spring to early summer 

Germination Time: 10-15 days

Days to harvest: Best around 90 days when mature, but can start as soon as it gets to about 4 inches

Height: 12 inches

Sun/Shade: Full sun


Planting Season: Late summer/early fall

Germination Time: 3-7 days

Days to harvest: 23 days

Height: 6-8 inches

Sun/Shade: Full sun

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