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Ants are beneficials because they help control pests by eating their eggs and young and disturbing them during feeding. Ants also pollinate plants as they march from flower to flower looking for nectar. Like earthworms, they dig tunnels that carry water, oxygen and nutrients to plant roots.


How do I attract ants?


It’s not necessary to attract them, because they will find their way to the flowers in your garden all by themselves. It might be wise not to encourage a nest near your vegetable garden as it could create a problem if there are too many. (This is probably true for most insects)





Ants are attracted to honeydew, a sweet secretion produced by aphids. The ants collect the treat and take it back to their nests. To make sure they have a good supply of honeydew, ants will protect aphids from predators. When this happens, the ants have become pests.

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